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LTSCene - January 2017

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Happy New Year Rooster Image
While serving our clients we often discover they have hidden talents. This sketch to celebrate the Year of the Rooster was produced by a resident of Little Tokyo.

Happy New Year from LTSC!

#GivingTuesday 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported LTSC’s #GivingTuesday 2016 campaign to fund new play areas at Angelina Preschool! We have almost reached our goal of $3,000. Help us raise the rest so our preschoolers can enjoy new make-believe props, water and sand tables, and sports equipment.


Raffle Winnter Maribeth Tinio Photo
Raffle winner Maribeth Tinio with her husband John

Budokan Raffle Winner Drives Away in a 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

"Wow, I still can't believe I won! I'm incredibly grateful and excited for such a grand prize,” exclaimed Maribeth Tinio of Brea, CA, who won the 2017 Highlander Hybrid. The car was donated by Toyota Motors USA to be used in a raffle to raise money for LTSC’s Budokan project, a $24 million sports and activities center to be built in Little Tokyo. “I am expecting a baby boy and this will be the perfect car for our family. Thank you Toyota, Little Tokyo Service Center, and the Sabers Basketball Organization!"

LTSC would like to thank the other sports and community organizations that helped sell tickets including Pasadena Bruins, Tigers Youth Club, Monterey Park Mustangs, Orange Coast Optimists, Southern California Kendo Federation, Little Tokyo Historical Society and Nikkei Senior Gardens. $100,300 worth of raffle tickets was sold and the winner was picked from a drum containing over 10,000 stubs.

“Next year, we hope to reach even more people and look forward to many more groups participating,” said Kim Kawasaki, the community gifts manager for the campaign.

Through the Seasons, Winter 2017 Image

Ms. Tanaka’s Story in Through the Seasons, Winter 2017

In the Winter 2017 edition of Through the Seasons, LTSC’s social service newsletter, read about Ms. Tanaka, a 79-year-old woman who fell victim to identity theft and credit card fraud on page 6. LTSC helped Ms. Tanaka close 9 credit card accounts and successfully dispute $90,000 in fraudulent charges. We can all learn from Ms. Tanaka’s story...

Through the Seasons

The Holidays at LTSC

Holiday Images
Assembly Member Miguel Santiago donated Thanksgiving turkeys and holiday toys
Holiday Images
Changing the Community’s toy drive and fundraiser
Holiday Images
Christmas dinner from Navidad En El Barrio
Holiday Images
Prudential Lighting bringing Santa to Angelina Preschool
Holiday Images
Nikkei Basketball Association’s Senior Bingo Holiday Party
Holiday Images
Nikkei Credit Union buying new shoes for youth at Casa Heiwa

Bandai Foundation Check Support Photo
Margaret Shimada, LTSC’s Director of Social Services,
at The Bandai Foundation’s Time for Giving Celebration

The Bandai Foundation

Thank you to The Bandai Foundation for supporting LTSC’s program for abused and neglected children.

The Bandai Foundation believes in giving back to the community at large and supporting programs that primarily benefit children and families. Since its inception, The Bandai Foundation has contributed over $7.1 million to various charitable organizations.

With this grant LTSC will be able to provide case management, counseling, and mental health services to children and help them heal from their wounds. The program also provides parenting workshops and counseling for families at risk.

We appreciate the support of The Bandai Foundation.

Ukuleles for Little Tokyo Photo
Casa Heiwa youth at the Aloha Kalikimaka concert

Ukuleles for Little Tokyo

‘Ukuleles for Little Tokyo, a project of U-Space and the JACCC, taught the youth living in LTSC’s Casa Heiwa how to play the ukulele. Over the past 20 weeks they learned to play many songs, including Christmas carols. They showed off their new musical skills at the Aloha Kalikimaka Halau Holiday Celebration concert on December 17 with Jingle Bells and Silent Night.

“Roots” Exhibit Opens at CAM Photo

“Roots” Exhibit Opens at CAM

Who is “Asian American”? How did we come into this shifting and expansive idea?

Contrary to popular perception, it is an identity defined out of protest. Starting in the 1960s, a group of young activists shaped “Asian America” through a long decade of fighting displacement, serving their communities, agitating for revolution, and analyzing the intersections of gender, race, and class. From Little Tokyo to Chinatown to Historic Filipinotown to the West Side, in solidarity with Latino, Black, feminist, and international struggles, Los Angeles saw the rise of vibrant artistic and political movements.

Roots: Asian American Movements in Los Angeles 1968-80s is the first exhibition to collect and present this history, arguing that the past helps give meaning to the present and future of our communities.

Opening Reception at the Chinese American Museum will be held on Thursday, January 19, 6-9 pm and is free to the public. RSVP by January 16 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The exhibit will run until June 11.

Emperor’s Birthday Photo
LTSC staff at the Emperor’s birthday celebration

The Emperor’s Birthday

The Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles, Akira Chiba, celebrated the 83rd birthday of His Majesty Emperor Akihito with a gathering at his house. LTSC was invited to display information about Budokan. Scott Ito and Kimberly Kawasaki shared information about the upcoming project with all the guests.

Calendar image


1/14 - +LAB's Staying Home, 2-4pm
1/19 – Roots Exhibit Opening Reception, 6-9 pm
1/22 – +LAB’s Gardens of Little Tokyo, 1-3 pm
2/1-4/16 – 2017 9th Circuit Civics Contest
2/4 - Preparing for Death workshop, 3-3:30 pm

Recycle Image

Cooking Tip

​Use a “lids-on” approach. Tightly fitted lids on pots and pans keep heat in so you can lower the temperature settings!

Thank you to all our supporters for your contributions last month!

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