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LTSCene - April 2015
Citi grant, Rock the Vote, new BoLA Video, and more

Citi: Supporting Financial Literacy

With a generous grant from Citi, LTSC will continue its Financial Capacity and Asset Building Program serving the residents living in our affordable housing apartments. This program helps residents manage their finances to achieve long-term stability. LTSC’s counselors help residents create household budgets, improve credit scores, reduce debt and increase savings.
LTSC thanks Citi for its support of this very important program. Together we are increasing the number of low-income adults and families who adopt positive financial behaviors and accumulate and preserve financial assets.

Every month we will feature milestones in LTSC’s 35-year history
1991 Drive
Donor drive in 1991
In 1991 Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) is established as a project of LTSC with the goal of increasing and diversifying the bone marrow registry and is officially recognized by the National Marrow Donor Program....
Spring for Hope Drive in 2014
Spring for Hope drive in 2014
...Today A3M conducts over 500 donor recruitment drives each year in the African American, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Korean, Pilipino, South Asian, Vietnamese and multi-racial communities to help increase the chances for patients to find their life-saving marrow matches. A3M has registered over 370,000 donors and more than 450 people have donated their marrow or blood stem cells to patients with blood cancers.
Dean Bill Jan
Bill with Dean Matsubayashi and Jan Perry

Building a Community Institution: Bill Watanabe and The Little Tokyo Service Center

Susan Nakaoka, Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai`i Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work and a former LTSC intern, wrote this informative article about Bill Watanabe in the Harvard Asian American Policy Review website. READ THE ARTICLE
Sake 2014
Last year's Sake Express at Union Station

Save the Date: Sake on the Rocks

LTSC's 9th Annual Sake & Food Tasting Event will be held on Friday, July 24 at the JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo.

What’s new with BoLA?

Watch the new Budokan of Los Angeles video on YouTube and find out!
First Street in Little Tokyo
First Street in Little Tokyo

LTSC in the News

Click here to read about National Endowment for the Arts visit to Little Tokyo.
Rock the Vote!

Rock The Vote

Register to vote today!

You need to re-register if:
  • You changed your legal name
  • You moved to a new address
  • You want to change your political affiliation (or no longer wish to be affiliated)

March Donors – Thank You for Your Support!

Michael Carroll
Lorraine & Jeffrey Dohzen
Gladys & Everett Endow
Jerry Fukui
Yosh Fukumoto
Glenn Hamanaka
Icy & Janey Hasama
Hoops for Friends
Sam & Kiyoko Isomoto
Mary Karatsu
Ikuko Kiriyama
Keith Kishiyama
Dawn & Alan Kita
Steve & Akemi Kayleng Knight
Laura Shiozaki Lee
Marion & Tim Manaka, Sr.
June & Gary Masada
Dr. Jon & Stephanie Matsunaga
Teresa & Robert Matsushima
Masako & Richard Murakami
Holly Services, Inc.
Natalie Nakatani
Mitsue Nishio
Shirley Oka
Okamoto Floyd Family
Dean Okamura
Sam Otsuji
Chan Hwa Shang
Lisa Sugino & Jay Rosenthal
Mable & Frank Takenaka
Glenn Togawa
Keith Umemoto
Vivien & Mark Usui
Gary Uyekawa
Marsha & Gary Watanabe
Emily & Dan Weaver
Poy Lan Woo
Sandra Yamane
Sandra & Ken Yamashiro
Linda & Gary Yamauchi
Nora & Norman Yamauchi
Paul Yokoyama
In Honor of Bill Watanabe
Jane & Takashi Makinodan

In Memory of Kay Fujikawa
Marsha & Gary Watanabe

In Memory of David Hamada
Suzy Katsuda

In Memory of Dr. Mitsuo Inouye
Lily Ann Inouye

In Memory of David Miyashita
Marivic Miyashita

In Memory of Lillian Nakano
Suzy Katsuda
In-kind donations
Arroyo Insurance Services
Shu Lan Chen
Hope Fang
Mimi Ho
Mary Hoang
The Iino Family*
Paul H. Iwahashi
Lloyd Kajikawa
Ritsuko Nakane*
Farzana Nayani*
Okamoto Floyd Family
Prudential Lighting*
Shelter Partnership
Donna Wong*

Vehicle donations
John Ito

*donations in Jan-Feb

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