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LTSCene - March 2015
LDK Senior Apartments groundbreaking, Atomic Cafe demolished & more

LDK Senior Apartments

The Korean Resource Center (KRC), Decro Alpha Corporation, and LTSC recently celebrated the groundbreaking of LDK Senior Apartments.
LDK is a new two-site construction project in Koreatown that will provide a total of 67 units of permanent affordable housing for low- and very low-income seniors.
KRC will use the ground floor to provide off- and on-site clinical mental health services for seniors, adult educational programs, case management and one-on-one counseling for all residents. They will also host community workshops and training sessions.

Every month we will feature milestones in LTSC’s 35-year history
1989 Alzheimer’s Support Group working on crafts for a fundraiser
In 1989 LTSC screened the Japanese documentary “A World of Alzheimer’s” at the JACCC theater. Following the screening, several family caregivers approached LTSC and asked us to support their efforts to create an Alzheimer’s Support Group for the Japanese-American community.
Recent Alzheimer’s Support Group holiday party
...Today LTSC hosts 3 Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Groups in the Los Angeles area: Little Tokyo, San Fernando Valley and South Bay. The groups are led by trained facilitators and have close to 30 members. The group members support each other through sharing resources, information and effective techniques as well as difficulties in their daily caregiving.
“After 13 years the San Fernando Valley Alzheimer’s group is still going strong. Many members stay even after their spouse has passed on because they want to support new caregivers and have made great friends,” says Isabelle Miyata, volunteer coordinator.

Atomic Café Demolished

Little Tokyo said goodbye to the Atomic Café as construction of the Regional Connector continues. “It was a mom and pop Japanese little restaurant, but it was open after hours and so everybody would come after the club scene [including] David Bowie, Blondie and the Go-Go’s” explains Remy De La Peza of LTSC. "Everyone's pretty much just sad. There’s no better word for it," said Remy.  
LTSC is working with Metro on ways to commemorate the site so we can all remember the Atomic Café.
Casa Yonde project in Koreatown

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Priority Markets Grant Program

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation through its Priority Markets Grant Program (PMP) has generously awarded LTSC a grant to support our efforts to build affordable housing in the Los Angeles area. PMP provides grant support for neighborhood stabilization projects that are located in areas designated for revitalization to stimulate growth, stability and investment in distressed areas. The Foundation’s current grant allowed us to continue developing “Casa Yonde.”
Now complete, Casa (“house” in Spanish) Yonde (“alliance” in Korean) provides 52 units of affordable family housing with 18 of the units designated for homeless families and individuals. The project includes studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units and is located in Koreatown in the Los Angeles Promise Zone.

LTSC's partner for this project is Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance. Since 1992 KIWA has worked to build the power of immigrant workers and residents. KIWA is one of the few community groups organizing both Korean and Latin workers in the country.

LTSC would like to thank Wells Fargo Housing Foundation for its support and for helping us build housing in Los Angeles that serves the community.

Wish List

Grace Iino Child Care Center still needs more crib sheets for our new mattresses. The aqua and celery colors are available on Amazon.

The Far East Lounge is still looking for yoga blocks, music stands and beads for jewelry making. If you would like to help, please e-mail Izumi Harry at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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