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LTSCene - January 2015
LTSC's 35th Anniversary, #GivingTuesday Success, Casa Heiwa Senior Club & More!

Celebrating LTSC’s 35th Anniversary in 2015

Anniversaries are a good time to look back and LTSC has a lot in its rear-view mirror. For 35 years LTSC has been helping people and building community by serving thousands of seniors, families, children, youth, parents, working poor, formerly homeless, frail elderly, caregivers, domestic violence survivors, Little Tokyo residents, and anyone else who came to our doors seeking help.
There remains much work to be done and LTSC is looking forward to another busy year. We will be celebrating the grand opening of the Casa Yonde apartment building and the groundbreaking of LDK Senior Apartments, both in Koreatown; the Budokan of Los Angeles (BoLA) capital campaign will rev up; the Far East Lounge will add more classes for seniors; and Sustainable Little Tokyo will continue to shape our neighborhood.
We hope you will join us as we look back and celebrate all LTSC has accomplished over the last 35 years and as we work together to build our future.
Happy New Year from everyone at LTSC!

Every month we will feature milestones in LTSC’s 35-year history
1979 Seinan naturalization
Mike Murase (center) with the community in 1979
In 1980 LTSC is incorporated by members of various JA groups who wanted to form a multipurpose social service center to be housed in the new JACCC building. Mike Murase is named LTSC’s first Board President and leads the way in this new endeavor...
BoLA_Front view
Budokan of Los Angeles (BoLA)
...35 years later Mike Murase is a member of LTSC’s staff and is working on the Budokan of Los Angeles (BoLA) project:  "2015 promises to be an exciting year for the Budokan campaign. The dream of building a multipurpose sports and activities center in Little Tokyo is closer than ever to becoming a reality. We have high expectations for all LTSC supporters to be actively involved, both during the fundraising campaign and when the building opens its doors to the community."

#GivingTuesday Success

Our 2014 #GivingTuesday campaign raised nearly twice our goal of $3,000. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Kosumosu will receive a brand new security camera system, increasing the level of security and contributing to the peace of mind of residents.
LTSC opened Kosumosu Transitional Housing for Survivors of Domestic Violence in 2003 and over 11 years we have helped 50 women and 66 children escape abusive relationships. The women at Kosumosu are poor, immigrant and homeless with few job skills. Kosumosu provides them with a physically and emotionally safe environment and culturally sensitive assistance in building new, violence-free lives.
toys 1
Toys for the children of LTSC's low-income families

Holiday Cheer

LTSC’s children and low-income families found a reason for hope and joy this holiday season. The gift of a toy can brighten the face of any child, but many of these families were unable to afford gifts for their children. LTSC was able to ensure that each child received a wrapped gift thanks to the very generous donations of toys and other goods that we received this year.
We would like to thank the following groups and organizations for selecting LTSC as a beneficiary of their annual toy drives:
  • APA Community: 15th Annual Holiday Toy Drive
  • Sansei Legacy: CtC Holiday Toy Drive
  • CBRE Commercial Real Estate: Holiday Toy Drive
Thank you again to our wonderful donors for helping to make this holiday brighter for the children and families in our community.

CHSC making decorations before their holiday potluck

Casa Heiwa Senior Club

Casa Heiwa Senior Club (CHSC) was formed in September 2013 when LTSC staff began organizing weekly gatherings for senior residents of Casa Heiwa apartments. National surveys on aging indicate that seniors stay independent longer when they engage in social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation. CHSC provides an opportunity for Casa Heiwa seniors to engage in such activities every week.

Despite language barriers (most are monolingual in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages), the seniors started greeting each other in the hallways and interacting with each other outside of CHSC meetings. Membership has grown from about 8 to 15 seniors. The seniors are learning to take ownership of the group, recently planning their own holiday potluck (a multicultural feast!).

CHSC is looking forward to another year of activities in 2015. Although it is an unfunded program, LTSC staff are committed to supporting CHSC. Fortunately, a Kokoro Volunteer who is a former teacher has agreed to help guide the club.

If you would like to support CHSC, please contact Tom Sogi at 213-473-1692 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
bola suite

Inside the Toyota Suite for the 1/7/15 Lakers vs Clippers game

BoLA Raffle Winners

BoLA hosted its annual Toyota Suite raffle for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game at The Staples Center. All 250 tickets were sold out before the holidays, making for some great Christmas presents. Thank you to everyone who supported BoLA by participating.

BoLA is heading into an exciting couple of years as we look to close out the $23 million capital campaign. We have secured over 50% of the funds ($12.7 million) as well as identified the last 20% (approximately $5 million) with a federal resource. That leaves us with 30% (approximately $5 million) that we plan to raise over the next year and a half. Groundbreaking is scheduled for Fall of 2016 with the doors opening in 2018. For more updates on the project, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to join our mailing list.
Congratulations to all of our raffle winners and thank you everyone for your continued belief and support!

Far East Lounge Wish List

The Far East Lounge will offer a yoga class starting this month and is looking for yoga blocks. If you would like to help, please e-mail Izumi Harry at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

December Donors – Thank You for Your Support!


Toshie & Syed Ahmed
Aihara & Associates Insurance Services Inc.
Arroyo Insurance Services
Elena & Jim Azama
Marlene Berry
Suzanne & Hank Borenstein
Shirley Chami
Kyung Ja & Kyung Ho Chong
Matt Crochet
Koko & John Doami
Lorraine & Jeffrey Dohzen
Toshiko & Ben Ebihara
Chris Fitzgerald
Atsuko & Akira Fujimoto
Fred Fujioka
Jerry Fukui
Paul Jay Fukushima
Susan Gin-Shaw
Golden Carpets, Inc.
Jeff Hamamoto
Merilynne Hamano Quon
Charles Han
Marianne Hane
Mabel & Mark Harman
Betty & John Hatakeyama
Dee A. Hayashi
Yoshiko Hayashi
Betty & Frank Hiji
Linda Hiji
Jean & Thomas Hirata
Therese & JD Hokoyama
Misako Honda
Kathryn & Bryan Hori
Peter Huang
Nobuko Ike
Douglas Ikemi
Colette & John Isawa
Tsuruko Ishimatsu
Erin Ishizaki
Nell & Seiji Itahara
Leslie Ito & Steve Wong
Janet & Noriaki Ito
Barbara & Philip Ito
Setsuko & Henry Itow
Paul H. Iwahashi
Miyako Iwai
Akiko & Tsugio Iwohara
Jon Kaji
Lloyd Kajikawa
Alice Kaku
Atsuko Kanai
Gary Kanemoto
Mary Karatsu
Etsuko & Noboru Kato
Yoshie Kato
Suzy Katsuda
Masaru Kawai
Virginia & Paul Kawakami
Raymond Kawamoto
Mark Kawauchi
Steve & Akemi Kayleng Knight
Dianne Kazahaya
Hideo Kikuchi
Ikuko Kiriyama
Dawn & Alan Kita
Russell Kitagawa
Reiko & Harold Kobata
Aiko & Yoshikazu Kobayashi
Alison Kochiyama
Jenni Kuida & Tony Osumi
Glorian Kunioka
Hiroko & Sidney Kunitake
Eric Kurimura
Jane & Samuel Kurohara
Peggy & Masao Kushigemachi
Akiko & Michael Lazare
Vien Le
Kelvin Lee
Britt Legaspi
Mia & Greg Lockwood
Fumy Machida
Akiko & Tim Manaka, Jr.
Marion & Tim Manaka, Sr.
June & Gary Masada
Kathy & Mark Masaoka
Kimberley & Asao Masumiya
Diane & David Matsumoto
Kazuko Matsumoto
Elaine & Mas Matsumoto
Stephanie & Jon Matsunaga
Thomas Matsunaga
Jim Matsuoka
Teresa & Robert Matsushima
Patsy & James Matsushita
Sandie & Dean Mochinaga
Judy Matsuzaki
Janet & Henry Minami, Jr.
Eiko Mitoma
Joyce Miyabe
Amy Miyakawa
Meriko & Victor Miyamoto
Seitaro Miyano
Wendy & Johnny Mori
Kinuyo “Kay” Mori
Otoe & Masaharu Motoyama
Mariko & Ray Motoyama
Nancy & Mark Munekata
Masako & Richard Murakami
Tetsuo Murata
Setsuko & Mas Nagami
Harry Nakada
Setsuko & Roy Nakahara
Coleen Nakamura
Lily & David Nakatani
Debra Nakatomi & Bob Miyamoto
Carol & Jerald Nasu
Nikkei Widowed Association
Jean & Richard Nishimoto
Yvonne & Alan Nishio
Mitsue Nishio
Oda Family Charitable Foundation
Suzuko & Takashi Oda
Susan Oda Omori
Shirley & Steven Ogata
Hit Ohara
Shirley Oka
Dean Okamura
Mike Okamura
Shirley Okayama
Kai Olson
Marcus Olson
Yumiko & Fred Ong
Diana & Russell Ono
Janice Osumi
Kikuko & Hiroshi Otake
Jung Hee Park
Miyako Phillips
Amy Phillips & Scott Kushigemachi
Allyson & Bradley Sakai
Louise Sakamoto
Kitty Sankey
Catherine & Eugene Sato
Wilbur Sato
Joh Sekiguchi
Senshin Buddhist Women’s Association
Ayako & Charles Seu
Chan Hwa Shang
Sharon & Raymond Shibata
Diane & Bruce Shimano
Shigeko Shimokubo
Jean & Alan Shinseki
Patsy Shintani
Laura Shiozaki Lee
Roberta Shiroma
Kay & Paul Shishima
Anthony Solis
SPHS Class of 2004
Donald Spivack
Elaine & Stan Suda
Aiko & Walter Sumi
Sushi Gen
Karen & Martin Tachiki
Jun & Shizie Taira
Edwin Takahashi
Patricia Takakawa
Natsuko Takaki
Ryoko Takata
Mable & Frank Takenaka
Cathie & Richard Tanabe
Bessie Tanaka
Cathy & Masaru Tanaka
Jill Ishida & Mike Tanaka
George Tanaka
Linda Tanamachi
Jeanne & Ernie Tsujimoto
Angela & Jonathan Ty
Cynthia & Kaz Uemura
Gary Uyekawa
Teruko & Alden Uyemura
Momoyo & Edward Wada
Ken Wada
Louise Wada
Susie Wang
Richard Watanabe
Ruth Watanabe
Emily & Dan Weaver
Women of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Gayle & Craig Wong
Gordon Yamamoto
Toshiko Yamamoto
Yoneo Yamamoto
Yukiko Yamamoto
Linda & Gary Yamauchi
Nora & Norman Yamauchi
Lily & Michael Yanagita
Akemi & Gary Yano
Paul Yokoyama
David Yoo
#GivingTuesday donations
Young & Eiko Amano -
In Memory of Nancy Kikuchi
Jamie Cha-McGrath
Bernice Chu
Hope Fang
June Fukuhara
Tadao Gee
Ana Guevara
Janet Hasegawa & Cliff Chu
Kansha Fund
Mimi Ho
Hoops for Friends
Dan Ichinose
Julie Itahara
Paul H. Iwahashi
Rebecca Kammerling
Traci Kato-Kiriyama
Jessie Kikuchi & Brent Mori
Kathleen Kubota
Jenni Kuida & Tony Osumi
Victor Lazo
Esther Lin
Mikako & Ali Amini
Carrie & Walter Morita
Mariko & Ray Motoyama
Hiroko Murakami
Sachiko & Shiro Nakagawa
Marsha & Don Nakanishi
Yvonne & Alan Nishio
Mary & David Noguchi
Margie & Michael Odanaka
Lisa Okamoto
Susan Osa
Ronald Osborne
Alan Pabalan
Amy Phillips & Scott Kushigemachi
Lisa Sugino & Jay Rosenthal
Hiroyuki Taga
Risa Taira
Beth Tamayose
Iris Tang
Karen & Edward Toguchi
Marsha & Gary Watanabe
E Jean Wong
Lois & Jerry Wong
Cheryl Yamashita
Linda Yokoyama

Combined Federal Campaign 2013-2014
Steve Ogasa & Carol Matsunaga
Diana Tani
Linda Taylor
David & Donna Uyehara
Bruce Uyemura
Douglas Wada

In Honor of Gena Hamamoto
David Yoo
In Honor of Gayle Hane Wong
 Grace & James Yamakawa

In Honor of Bill Watanabe
Jane & Takashi Makinodan
Melodee Smith
In Memory of Ray Inouye
Sharon & Roy Inouye

In Memory of Kaye Ishida
Patricia Ishida-Witscher
In Memory of Kiyoshi Kawaratani
Aiko Kawaratani

In Memory of Fusao Kawato
Tayoko Kawato

In Memory of Kay Komai
Qris Yamashita & Chris Komai
In Memory of Judy Nishimoto Ota
Victor Aguilera
Ruth & Paul Kadota
Kathy & Mark Masaoka
Kaz Ota

  In Memory of Deklan Sakura Yoshimura
Susan & Brett Yoshimura

In-kind donations
Maggie Choi
Girl Scout Troop 5325
Edna Ikeda Horiuchi
Leslie Ito & Steve Wong
JANM Volunteers
Kisuk Kang
Linda Kim
Jenni Kuida & Tony Osumi
Frankie Lee
Yoshiko Nakagawa
Nelson Thompson Pegue & Thornton
Takahiro Otomo
Michiko Sakimoto
Marsha & Gary Watanabe
Linda Yokoyama

Vehicle donations
Judy Okita
Minoru Sakamoto
Regina Sakurai


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