Sammy Davis Jr. Manor

Sammy Davis Jr. Manor

340 S. Reno St. Los Angeles, CA 90004


Sammy Davis Jr. Manor is a 46-studio unit apartment building located on the eastern edge of Koreatown. The property is owned by Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC), a community-based nonprofit organization. KYCC purchased this bank REO property with a loan from the City of Los Angeles Housing Department. Acquisition and renovation costs totaled $975,000. The mostly vacant building was renovated and occupied in 2000, providing housing for low-income seniors and other individuals and couples. In 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy provided funds for an energy retrofit of the Sammy Davis Jr. Manor that included lighting, plumbing fixtures, CO sensors, microwaves, and weather-stripping in all apartment units.

Unit Mix

46 units (45 studio units, 1 studio manager’s unit)


Low-income households (35% - 50% AMI).

Development Team

Lead Developer LTSC CDC
Community Partner Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC)
Equity Partner N/A
Architect N/A
Contractor Marina Construction, Inc.

Project Financing

Predevelopment / Acquisition

    • N/A

Construction / Permanent

    • City of Los Angeles Housing Department